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We follow Dave Portnoy on TikTok and love his rescue of Miss Peaches. We agree with your t-shirts, Dave; “Adopt, Don’t Shop!”

*We are a non-profit with no salaried employees. All proceeds go towards the expenses of saving animals in Puerto Rico.

How we help.

With the help of volunteers around the island and generous donations from around the world, we change the lives of abandoned and mistreated animals through spay and neuter, adoption, and education.

James's journey from a hurt street dog, neglected and abandoned, to a cherished member of my family has been nothing short of miraculous. Thanks to the tireless efforts, hard work, and countless hours of dedication from The Puerto Rico Dog Fund, James has found his forever home and brings immeasurable joy and love into our lives every day.

Stefanie Slack

Spay & Neuter

We offer free and low-cost sterilization clinics; by doing so, we prevent thousands of more animals from being born into lives of starvation, suffering, and neglect.

Transport Off Island

We assist tourists visiting our island in returning with homeless animals to the continental states. We also arrange large cargo transports of rescued, adoptable animals to rescue groups stateside - who find these animals loving homes within their communities.


We rescue, rehabilitate and place animals into carefully selected homes stateside.

Community Outreach

We provide free dog food, medication, and transport for pets living with families whose income is below the poverty line.

Donate to The Puerto Rico Dog Fund

If you are looking for a tax deductible donation or are simply want to help our non-profit save lives, please consider donating by contacting us or using the Paypal donation button.

Our team is entirely volunteer

Neva Kaya

Founder & Tireless Dog Lifesaver

Meet Neva, the Director of PRDF. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Neva's upbringing on the island exposed her to the heartbreaking reality of the island's stray animal crisis. Witnessing the mistreatment and neglect of animals firsthand fueled her unwavering desire to make a difference. As the Director, Neva's daily duties encompass both managerial and on-the-ground work, where she confronts situations of cruelty and neglect on a daily basis. Her personal experiences drive her to provide compassionate care, rehabilitation, and find loving homes for animals in need. Neva's deep-rooted commitment to ending animal abuse and creating a better world for animals is the driving force behind her impactful work.

Hannah North

Director of Operations

As adoption coordinator, Hannah plays a vital role in connecting all of our rescued dogs with loving forever homes. Hannah works tirelessly to ensure that each dog receives the care and attention they deserve. From conducting thorough interviews and home inspections to coordinating vaccinations and spaying/neutering, Hannah ensures that every dog finds a suitable and safe environment to thrive in. Her commitment to the cause extends beyond borders, as she travels frequently to Puerto Rico to rescue stray dogs and bring them to deserving homes in the United States. Hannah's passion for saving and advocating for dogs is evident in her unwavering efforts to make a difference, one adoption at a time.

Sarah Hogenson

PRDF Rescue Teammate

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah, and I volunteer for the Puerto Rico Dog Fund in Rincón, PR. My husband Adam and I moved here permanently in 2022, and while we knew there was a Sato (stray/homeless) dog problem on the island, I never fully understood the depth of the challenge until moving here. It’s so sad… and preventable! That’s where I decided I can take action to help and met Neva, PRDF’s founder, to see how I can step in for the dogs - as well as the community - struggling with this problem. I do a little bit of everything and love what we are accomplishing, so I’m grateful you are taking the time to check out our organization and support us.


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